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From Ice and Snow

From Ice and Snow is a fictional memoir, sequel to The Protest. For all of you who've asked how the story about Jane and her daughters in The Protest turned out, whether they reunited, and if they did, how it happened, hang on, keep calm, and read From Ice and Snow... then let me know what you think (see the Contact Page above). Click on the book cover.

A Bit About Me

I am a natural match-maker of words and ideas, resulting in many happy marriages of concepts wanting expression, both

for the executives I've supported over the years and my own writing. My career as an author was developed over a decade

spent in a brutally honest writers group.


My greatest writing achievement came out of my deepest sorrow. When I lost my daughters to a religious hijacking

(ages 10 and 12), I was driven to write The Protest. Writing it was therapeutic and I felt my cautionary tale about

fundamentalist Christianity would help others. From Ice and Snow follows the story of The Protest. As a writer, I aim to create

a better understanding of the world and our place in it by shedding light on dark places. Some of my works take you to those

dark places. They make you think, they shed light, they even entertain, while they offer solace to those who need it. 

You may not know this, but the life blood of the success of a writer's works is YOU! Your quick, honest review on Amazon is

essential to the success of my books. Please take a moment to leave one. Thank you very much!


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